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Holly McWhinnie, Revivalist

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?

Psalms 85:6

Holly is motivated by an unquenchable passion to know God and make Him known. She has ministered at women’s conferences, prayer gatherings, Bible studies, singles meetings, home goings and governmental gatherings locally and internationally. She has given her life as a teacher for believers on how to pray prophetically, hear from God and prophesy in His Name for over 40 years. Trained and discipled by Dr. Jean Perez who has gone before her in a life of miracles, signs and wonders.  She has been involved in working with and praying for businesses and governmental officials since the early ’90s.

Her prayer manual, Spiritual Warfare Assault Training (SWAT) has been taught to students nationally and internationally.  Her assignment is to raise up a generation of Supernatural Warriors that will "shift" the atmosphere through decrees, declarations and prophetic intercession. She is a licensed minister and associated and aligned relationally with Bishop Ed Smith of Zoe Association International, and Dr. Bill Winston of Faith Ministries Alliance (FMA), a graduate of Joseph Business School, New Chip Accelerator Program and other organizations and ministries. In addition to, a past alumnus of Friends International Christian University and Berean Bible Institute.

She is currently the Founder of Holly McWhinnie Ministries, CEO of Pest Tech Apprentice State Program, and Co-founder of Pest Tech Ready. Past CEO of Dreams & Visions Community Development.  She works along side of her husband, Ed who flows apostolically in the marketplace with the gifts of healing, miracles and spirit-led evangelism. She previously held an interim position of Prayer Director for Zoe Association International in addition to International Prayer Director, speaker and Board of Director for In His Image, Women of Excellence, located in Muthal Germany for several years. Holly worked with the local mayor and others in the city of Hollister, California Redevelopment Successor Agency as one of the Board of Directors.  For several years in that position she offered spiritual insight into current and future developments.

Holly has been gifted with dreams and visions since she was a child. She has an authentic prophetic call on her life and ministry and is marked with “accurate” gifts of discerning of spirits, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, miracles, signs and wonders.  She currently resides in Sacramento with her husband of almost 40 years. She is blessed with 3 adult children, 1 son-in-love and five beautiful grandchildren.

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