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Become a Partner


Vision Investment Partner

Better Together Through Prayer


Holly McWhinnie Ministries (HMM) is a partnership-based prayer outreach ministry assigned to take the uncompromised Word of God to the world, starting with the major cities of our nation.


If you have decided to become a partner, "Let's Partner Today!"  (See sign up online or complete form). No monetary amount is required to become a partner….and the benefits are huge!

Why Become a Vision Investment Partner (VIP)?



Whether you are called to business, education, arts, sports or ministry…Let Us Partner With You to Help You Reach Your Destiny through Prayer.


  • The same anointing of divine favor and blessing that is on this ministry and our spiritual covering, Holly McWhinnie Ministries will flow to you and your household.

  • HMM is committed to our partners reaching their destiny through anointed prayer, teachings, products, and partner meetings. We pour into the lives of our partners the love, prayers and revelation of God through Jesus Christ.

  • We offer EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our on-line Partner Resource Café (coming soon)with free downloads and special partner teachings, daily prayer for you and your family, 10% discounts on products and much more to come!

Fists in Solidarity

How to Become a Vision Investment Partner (VIP)?

"Let Us Partner with You…"

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