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SWAT Courses

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Training up believers for successful spiritual warfare

It's Time Armor Ephesians 6:10-18
to Put on
the Full

The primary mission of SWAT is to train and lead unconventional warfare forces (believers) into successful spiritual warfare.


Join Holly on one of the most comprehensive courses ever made on the subject of Spiritual Warfare! Holly McWhinnie shares almost 40 years of a prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare experience from the most immersive platform with lessons, videos, blogs, and audio clips. Do you desire to learn and grow in intercession, prayer strategies and /or spiritual warfare?


Join Holly McWhinnie, as she takes you through each lesson, you will receive an impartation and also activation. Throughout these sessions you will gain a deeper understanding of the life of a prayer-filled Believer and how to apply it to your life today! 


All of the content will be released one week at a time. Each lesson contains: audio teaching, a scriptural study, impartation, viewable teaching notes and prayer; in addition to book resources to help you grow.

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Minister & Instructor

Holly is an international speaker, prophetic intercessor, spiritual strategist, minister, and entrepreneur. She is known for her prophetic accuracy concerning historic events of people, places, and things integrated with signs, wonders and miracles.  Born again at the age of 8, Holly is passionate about knowing Him (Jesus) and making Him known. Holly has spent most of her life learning and discerning the ways of God and making His ways known through teaching, preaching and demonstration. She lives on the Central Coast in Hollister, California, with her husband, Ed of 39 years. She is the mother of 3 adult children and five grandchildren.

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